NB Dustless Blasting removes paint or thermoplastic completely, leaving no trace behind. Unlike traditional sand blasting or grinding, this process does not damage the concrete or blacktop.Dustless Blasting is faster, easer, less messy and less expensive than any other method for removing line stripes. You can also remove gum, oil stains, tar and just about anything else from concrete.

Heavy machinery usually features heavy, industrial strength coatings which would be difficult to remove with traditional methods. If you need to remove heavy, industrial strength coatings, there is no better process than Dustless Blasting.Bulldozers, backhoes, fork lifts and other heavy machinery can be stripped more cost effectively with Dustless Blasting. Because water does not compress like air does, our wet blasting process has more force than traditional dry blasting. Additionally the water reduces friction, heat and dust, which means no warping metal, and less environmental impact.

Can be used for concrete, blacktop, and heavy equiptment


RED or GREEN they are all GREY underneath