NB Dustless Blasting is excellent for the removal of paint, polyurethane, lacquer, stain and any other coating from wood quickly and easily. Even old wood can be made to look brand new.

Restoring antiques, revitalizing lawn furniture, making statues look more statuesque, making monuments look more monumental, and making old things look new, that’s what NB Dustless Blasting can do. The unsalvageable can be salvaged, and things that seem too far gone to bother with can be made to look new.



Residentail uses are almost limitless from brick, to wood decks and siding, to concrete driveways and pools.

NB Dustless Blasting is the perfect for cleaning and de-painting any type of masonry. Weather it be bricks, cinder blocks, stone, or concrete, NB Dustless Blasting is safe and effective. Graffiti, or several layers of paint at once are removed quickly. The Dustless Blasting process is also excellent for removing calcium stains and mildew. Even oil stains, gum, and line tripes can be removed from concrete or asphalt on parking lots and roadways.